Bali has been the essential holiday destination for the tourists from all around the world. People fell in love with this ‘Island of the Gods’ – the sun, the waves, the positive vibes of the place will put a hex on you. And, of course, you can not forget about the fabulous local cuisine and numerous quirky dining experiences in Bali.

Now that you know the most basic details about the island it’s time to discuss the real stuff. There are specific areas in Bali which one just cannot miss when your stomach growls.


unique restaurants in bali

People dining at ManShed, Image Source:


It is a bar cum restaurant, which is highly prevalent among the western tourists. Manshed has one of the meanest décors, with motorcycles, mannequins, old painted buses sprinkled all around the eating area and very appealing wall arts catching eyeballs, which makes it one of the most attractive quirky dining experiences in Bali.

Items to try: Chicken Cordon Bleu in Man shed’s western special section may tingle more than one taste bud of yours. For unique dining experiences in Bali, try Man shed’s The Ayam Grangasem. You can find it under the Manshed’s Balinese pride column.

Essential Information:

Address:  JI. Tirta Nadi II Number 10, Sanur Kauh, Denpasar Sel., Kota Denpasar, Bali.

Food for two: Around 36 USD



Frankensteins Laboratory

unique restaurants in bali

People dining at Frankensteins Laboratory, Image Source:


Let’s keep exploring the list of the most quirky restaurants in Bali: this place claims that they are the only Halloween themed cabaret of Bali.

Frankensteins Laboratory is one of the creepiest places one can think of dining in. They will serve drinks in things like IV Bags, beakers, syringes and conical flasks.

Items to try: Monster slab challenge of the place is trendy too. If you somehow manage to finish a one-kilogram massive burger in less than 20 minutes, your picture will be posted on the Facebook page of the restaurant; you can try that.

For the face painting lovers, the bar has artists who can transform you into one of the characters from ‘Walking dead’ under 4 dollars.

Essential Information:

Address- JI. Camplung Tanduk Number. 06, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali.

Opening hours- 4:30 pm till midnight

Food for two: around 21 USD

Reservations are essential here


Gardin Bistro

unique restaurants in bali

Dining at Gardin Bistro, Image Source:


As the name suggests, this restaurant is itself a garden, it is the poshest restaurant in the list of the quirky dining experiences in Bali.

The architecture is exclusive; there are things with which you will fall in love with, like the colorful chairs, the calmness, and the nirvanian aroma.

Gardin Bistro is popular with the ladies, so they set their offers targeting the ladies too.

There is a deal for ladies in drinks sections daily, every day a new complimentary drink.

Items to try: Gardin Cheesecake, King Prawn Linguine, Toffee Date Pudding are some of the best things the restaurant offer.

Essential Information:

Address: Jalan Petitenget Number -106, Bali

Opening hours: 10am-1am

Food for two: 40 USD


The Pirates Bay

unique restaurants in bali

The Pirates Bay restaurant, Image Source:

The Pirate Bay Café and Restaurant is an icon for unique restaurants in Bali; this is a place where people with a thing for pirates visit.

As the name suggests the café is Pirate themed, and the staff greets you with the “ahoys” and the “mateys.”

They have an alleged abandoned ship, and a tree-house for the where they serve food and menu is filled with seafood, but you can get a good pizza and other European dishes here too.

If you are traveling with kids ‘treasure hunt for kids’ is also a thing here.

Items to try: If you want to try everything here, try Pirates Bucket, it has grilled seafood, Mussels served with French fries, traditional Sauce, and Garlic Butter Sauce.

Essential Information:

Address: The Bay Bali, ITDC Area Lot C-O, Nusa Dua, Kuta Selatan, Bali.

Opening hours: 10am-10pm (Mon-Sun)

Food For two: 32 USD (approx)


 The Bamboo Bar & Lounge

Quirky Dining Experiences In Bali

Inside the Bamboo Bar & Lounge, Image Source:


Bamboo Bar and Lounge perched on the Mertasari Beach is the product of tourism, it has all the western food, from pizzas to burgers to tortilla spring rolls.

The bar plus lounge will offer one everything best view, performing art and some of the best entertainment and is one of the unique restaurants and the most quirky dining experiences in Bali.

Items to try: Iced Latte with Amaretto syrup of the place has been the talk of the town ever since introduced; you may want to try it too.

Essential Information:

Address: Prama Sanur Beach Bali, JI. Cemara, Sanur, Bali.

Opening Hours: 11am-12pm

Food for two: 35 USD


Bali Tower Restaurant

unique restaurants in bali

Bali Tower restaurant area, Image Source:


The Bali tower restaurant is one of the few places on the island to offer quirky dining experiences in Bali. The site is best known for its authentic Bali cuisine and vegetarian options.

The Bali tower itself is a unique composition made up of five huge logs. Top of the tower offers an implausible view of West Bali National park.

The restaurant offers Thai and Mediterranean foods.

Items to try: Tom Kha Gai, Berish’s Ayam betutu and Plate full of tropical fruits of the place has been making headlines.

Essential Information:

Address: West Bali National Park, JI. Raya Gilimanuk, Singaraja, Km. 17 Desa Pejarakan, Buleleng, Bali.

Food for two: 30 USD 


Bali Bohemia

unique restaurants in bali

Inside Bali Bohemia, Image Source:


Bali Bohemia restaurant fits right into the category of unusual restaurants in Bali, the place supports the local artists and offers food in a cultural and free spirit manner.

Bohemian Restaurant has a mixed menu, it has something of everything, and you will find every type of food in it, they also have an open mic and local bands performing every then and now.

Items to try: Me Goreng, Baho Pagi, Chicken Avocado and Mix Barbeque.

Essential Information:

Address: Nyuh Bojog- Nyuh Kuning, Ubud, Bali

Food For two: 22 USD (Approx)


Warung d’Sawah

unique restaurants in bali

Dining at Warung d’Sawah restaurant, Image Source:


Warung d’Sawah is sometimes called bliss on earth. It is located in the middle of the rice fields just a few steps away from Seminyak on Kerobokan road.

This restaurant complete all the requirements needed to be called one of the unusual restaurants in Bali. It welcomes you with a large garden as parking with a menu filled with western and Indonesian flavors.

This place is full of peace and the scenic beauty if you were looking for some; your search is now over.

Items to try: Bebek Kalasan, Be Pasih Mapanggang and Barbeque Chicken Sausage pizza are this restaurant’s best offerings.

 Essential Information:

Address: JLn. Raya Kerobokan Number 17, Kerobokan Kelod Kuta Utara, Kuta, Bali.

Contact number:  +62 361 741196

Food for Two: 26 USD (Approx)


Keramas Aero Park

unique restaurants in bali

View of Keramas Aero Park, Image Source:

Keramas Aero Park is an in-flight restaurant and bar that combines the experiences of exotic Boeing 737-400 series, food and bar, and landscape in a surprising manner. Located on Keramas Beach, the restaurant offers mesmerizing views of verdant paddy fields, before your eye could see the beach and sea.

Its facilities include an apron, aero kitchen, ground bar, inflight restaurant, aero garden, helipad, private rice field, and an aerodrome.

Items to try: Barbeque Pork Spare Ribs, Smoked Salmon Crepes, Thai Chicken Curry, Pork Picatta Ala Zigana, Bebek Betutu, Virgin Lychee Mojito

Essential Information:

Address: Jl. By Pass Prof. Ida Bagus Mantra KM 28, Keramas, Gianyar – Bali 80511

Contact: +62361-4791830


Opening Hour: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM every day

Dine in your own holiday villa…such as the Taman Ahimsa

Dining area in the Villa Taman Ahimsa

If you stay at Taman Ahimsa luxurious villa, you will enjoy a truly unique and royal dining experience. You will get personal chef and cooking staff who will cook delicious foods for you.

The cooking crew is expert in preparing traditional Balinese cuisines and other dishes. They can also prepare cocktails and numerous beverages to boost your holiday mood. The beachfront location with lavish gardens and the mouth-watering menu will certainly blow your mind away!

Essential Information:

Address: Beachfront, Cemagi, South-west Bali, Indonesia.


So these are some of the idiosyncratic dining experiences in Bali, unique restaurants in Bali and unusual restaurants in Bali, pick and choose accordingly, happy stuffing. By the way, check this list of the most luxurious experiences in Bali to make your stay even more memorable.