Beach holiday, adventure trip or a cultural experience, whatever you choose for your holiday in Koh Samui one thing is sure, you are not going to leave the island without capturing the best moments of your vacation! Island photos are one of the most popular on Instagram, however, Samui has a lot more to offer than just beach shots. The incredible nature of the island hides pristine locations which you should not underestimate. Moreover, our great collection of luxury-designed villas adds a classy finish to your Instagram photos and guarantees you a lot of likes!

Check out our Instagram guide and capture the best places of Koh Samui:

Overlap Stone

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This literally magical place is one of the few places in Koh Samui with still pristine nature. It is a bit hard to get there by walking, however, the tranquility and the stunning views make it worth reaching. Due to its location, the place is not so popular among tourists yet, so you have time to enjoy it and make the best photoshoots without any rush. Definitely, one of the most instagrammable spots on the island!

Silver Beach

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This small paradise with crystal clear waters, white sands, and beautiful rocks create a picture-perfect spot for some Instagram photoshoots. Exotic beach photos are very popular but finding the right place is hard because these spots are usually too crowded. Silver Beach is not too touristic so everyone can take nice photos without waiting in a queue.

Na Muang Waterfall 2

Set in the jungle, Na Muang waterfalls offer a cool escape in incredible mountain scenery. This beautiful place is a perfect setting for some exotic Instagram photoshoots. The small natural pool in the second waterfall is ideal for romantic photos and has stunning views. Na Muang waterfall adds a touch of adventure and creativity to your profile.

Namuang Waterfall, Source: Maksim Sundukov

Hin Ta Hin Yai

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The naturally shaped rocks are very popular among tourists, so you can’t miss taking a photo of this picturesque location. Not surprisingly, this unusual sight is one of the most photographed places on the island. However, the rocks are not the only spectacular sight there. The turquoise waters and the spectacular views to the other islands are also worth being instagrammed.