Since Roman times, luxury villas in Lake Como have been a favorite retreat for the aristocrats and wealthy people. This artistic destination, Lake Como, has been called the most beautiful lake for its lovely environment and microclimate. This place would amaze you with the beauty and the Renaissance architecture! If you are searching for luxury villas in Lake Como, go through our list for the peace of soul and satiation in particular.

Villa Manzoni

Outdoor area in the villa Manzoni. Image source:

The fusion of neo-classical and modernity

With the boathouse, private pools and private beach, the Villa Manzoni is one of the best luxury villas in Lake Como to spend some memorable aqua-refreshing days.

The Local Art Gallery in the Villa exhibits the works from the 11th to the 20th century. The Villa also displays collections from the earlier times and paintings, prints, and engravings from the local artists.


The formal dining set up with the lake views leave all the visitors in awe. The drawing area with marble fireplace is perfect to spend some evenings with your favorite novels.

The lake facing terrace with BBQ and Sun loungers are present in the Villa. Luxurious speedboats, breakfast services, personal chefs, etc. are also readily available. In addition, there is a wide list of dreamy activities you can try in the Lake Como.

Essential Information

Address: Via Beato Guanella 1, 23900 Lecco, Italy

Price: ‎from €1443 per night

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Villa Parisi in Lenno

Villa Parici.

Villa where style and comfort meet!

Be it some grand party or a family outing; the Villa Parisi is an ideal spot for all your needs. With contemporary art and alluring lighting, the Villa sets all the statements right.

The white exterior with the bold and colorful interior, the Villa holds all the colors with grace.


Each luxurious room has lovely lake or mountain views. The principal living room has a lavish sofa set with a state-of-the-art music system.

The Villa has covered terrace with the lake view for the morning tea and breakfast. The sunbathing facility is also available at the lake area.

The rooms are spacious and luxurious with high-quality and modern interiors.  The Villa also has four luxury guest suites with an original color scheme and a private lake view balcony.

Essential Information

Address: Via Vignola 6, 22016 Lenno CO, Italy

Price: from €936 per night

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Villa La Reina

Outside the villa Reina. Image source:

For memories worth making!

This villa is one of the best holiday villas in Lake Como for sure. It offers elegant lake views and a peaceful environment to enjoy the seclusion.

This detached luxury villa is home to lovely art and artifacts. Also, three alfresco dining areas are available in the lake-view lawn with a pool alongside for perfect evenings.


The villa is a perfect accommodation for four couples or a group of 10 friends or relatives. The ambiance is serene and peaceful. Also, spacious rooms with separate kitchens are available for the visitors to have luxurious alone time.

The free-WIFI, SAT TV, and DVD player facilities are available in the villa. It also accommodates private pools and terraces for the visitors.

Private landscaped gardens and sun loungers are also amidst the amenities provided.

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Address: Via Edoardo Bonardi, 9, 22100 Como CO, Italy

Price: from € 829 per night

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Villa Camilla

Villa Camilla.

A place where the royalty takes over!

This beautiful property from the 19th century is still owned by the royal Marchesi di Rezzono family. A second home to the renowned artists, musicians, and aristocrats, this place is effortlessly peaceful. The romance of the 19th century flows here with the touch of modernity to shape up the best memories for you.


The Feng-shui inspired layout of this ten bed Villa is one of its kind. This pet- and kids-friendly villa has luscious landscapes and lovely pools and lake. All the adventure is assembled at this one place from water sports and ski slopes to boating, golf, and tennis.

Also, this Villa is known for the ancient wine cellar, having an extensive collection of the Italian and international wines.

Essential Information

Address: Localita Molvedo, 22100 San Siro, Italy

Price: from €2714 per night

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La Villa Passalacqua

luxury villas in lake como

La Villa Passalacqua

A national monument for Italy!

Constructed in 1700’s, La Villa Passalacqua has still managed to keep alive the grace of those times. The magnificent suites and the royal gardens make this Villa look spectacular. Also, the architecture, sculptures, paintings and the Venetian chandeliers provide this Villa the grace that it deserves.


This Italian Villa has eight suites that are unique in their way. The exquisite carvings and paintings on the ceilings and walls give a high character to the Villa.

The swimming terrace with lemon and olive trees and the view of Sant’ Agata’s 12th-century bell tower, is a perfect spot for the lovely evenings. Beyond the swimming area, there are 11 fountains on the property and a lakeshore that is an ideal end to this beautiful Villa.

Essential Information

Address: Via Besana, 59, 22010 Moltrasio CO, Italy

Price: €5946 per night

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Casa Teulada

Here love resides!

Casa Teulada is a dream home for the owners, and they have built it to serve you. This lovely accommodation has been featured in prominent Italian and International magazines for the designing and the ambiance it owns.

It’s a second home for many artists and musicians who are in search of peace and serenity, away from the hassle.


It’s a cozy and warm home with a single room with a unique raw feel. The Casa Teulada is known for being the best of the holiday villas in Lake Como for its architectural beauty. The place is spacious, air-conditioned and has free wifi facilities.

It can host four guests at a time and is perfect for a family or a couple in particular.

The stone couch in the living area, fresh Italian produce for cooking, restored boat in the courtyard, etc. are the mains of this lovely place!

Essential Information

Address: Via Santa Barbara, 16, 09019, Italy

Price: from € 75 per night

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