The night markets are undoubtedly one of the most fascinating attractions when visiting Thailand. Each market has its unique vibrant and colourful vibe, which will dazzle every tourist. Apart from the great atmosphere, you can try the most authentic and tasty Thai food there as well. The purchasing of handcrafted souvenirs or other pieces of art is supporting the local residents, as well as providing the opportunity to the buyers to receive the most authentic presents to bring home. Luckily, Koh Samui has many picturesque night markets, spread around the island. Each of the markets on the island has its own beauty and soul. Therefore, we have prepared a list with some of the best must-visit night markets in Koh Samui.

Discover some of Koh Samui’s popular night markets:

Fisherman’s Village

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When talking about night markets in Koh Samui, the Fisherman’s Village Walking Street is probably the most touristic and famous market on the island. Located in one of the most vibrant areas in Koh Samui, the Fisherman’s Village is chosen by many tourists for an exciting night walk. What makes this market so interesting are the many small boutique shops with handcrafted pieces of art. Food choices abound with seemingly endless stalls offering Thai and a selection of western foods.

Lamai Walking Street

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There is no better place to spend your Sunday evening like Lamai Walking Street. This night market will impress everyone with its size and variety of products offered. It usually takes around 2-3 hours to go through the market, so free up your evening and take the time to go around the exciting small shops and boutiques. Lamai night market is also famous for its outstanding fresh local food and western offerings such as kebabs, BBQ Ribs and even German sausages.

Maenam Night Market

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Maenam Night Market is among the most colourful and vibrant night markets on the island. Despite its size being smaller compared to other night markets, the uniqueness of Maenam Market comes with its location. Situated on a U-shape within the Chinese district, the diversity and mixture of the Thai and Chinese culture makes the market a must-visit spot for every traveller. Apart from the many food stalls that appear with the market most of the local restaurants will offer tempting treats too.

Bang Kao Night Market

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For a more laid-back local feel Bang Kao night market in the peaceful south of the island could be for you. It is also quite picturesque, and that’s because it’s not packed along a road or lane but is held right on the beach, surrounded by coconut trees. You’ll find the usual cut-price clothing, souvenirs and food offerings, but the market here has probably the best prices for the island’s walking streets. The bigger the market and the more holidaymakers there are, the higher the prices go.