The beaches in Samui are one of the main reasons why the island attracts so many new travellers and why many return year on year. With around 50 kilometres of coastline with something like 40 beaches, peaceful bays, and small coves, a tropical climate that enjoys a yearly temperature of about 30°C, and all the facilities necessary to accommodate, feed, and entertain visitors, it’s no wonder why Samui is one of the leading destinations in Southern Thailand. The most popular beaches in Koh Samui could not be more different from one another. From the long and busy Chaweng Beach, to the shorter and more secluded Choeng Mon, there’s a strip of golden sand for everyone’s taste.

Discover some of Koh Samui’s beloved beaches:

Chaweng Beach

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Chaweng Beach is the busiest and the most popular beach on the island. A five-kilometer long stretch of powdery white sand that has become the epicenter of the major development of Koh Samui’s tourist industry. Ideal for swimming most of the year round and in the north is protected by an offshore reef. Lined with hotels and resorts that in the main attract a more youthful crowd that want to enjoy the amazing nightlife on offer. Despite being a busy beach it still features crystal clear water and stunning scenery with beautiful vistas.

Bophut Beach

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Spanning three-kilometers, Bophut Beach is a picturesque arc shaped beach located on the northern side of the island. The western end is lined with family-friendly hotels and resorts whereas the eastern end is where you’ll find the alluring  and charming Fisherman’s Village. Known for being the most elegant and well-preserved place on the island, Fisherman’s Village retains a unique mix of Chinese and Thai architecture and is famous for its broad range of dining establishments and the ever popular Walking Street markets.

Maenam Beach

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Maenam Beach is a beautiful four kilometer stretch of golden sand lined with coconut palms. Less busy than Chaweng or Bophut beaches it was once known as a backpacker destination before the emergence of several upscale hotels and resorts. There is still a choice of budget-friendly beach huts on offer. For swimmers, Maenam is one of the best beaches in Koh Samui because the water depth gets deeper more quickly than most other beaches. Without heavy crowds it is also a favourite for a morning or evening beach stroll with views of neighboring Koh Phangan in the distance.

Choeng Mon Beach

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If you enjoy fewer crowds with ample areas to laze around, Choeng Mon Beach is the perfect choice. Situated on the northeastern corner of Koh Samui, Choeng Mon is the island’s best-kept secrets. At a length of only 800 meters it is a more secluded beach and offers white sands and calm waters making it ideal for couples or families looking to getaway from the maddening crowds of Chaweng. The beach is generally less windy and has shallower water so is good for children. You’ll find a good range of dining venues scattered along the beachfront.