Koh Samui has to be one of the top destinations for a warm wedding, a great place to experience and don’t forget re-visiting for those anniversaries.

Why get married in Koh Samui

First and foremost, the chances of rain sleet and snow are almost zero! You do of course need to choose the right part of the year, but compare that to and English spring or summer planned wedding! You just never know.

Secondly its so memorable, for you your family and your friends. Many people complain that their friends cannot afford it and this is quite understandable, but it is Your Day”, not theirs. Plan in advance and set up a regime whereby everybody can plan for a holiday and the big day!

Koh Samui Wedding

The photos on this page show a wonderful wedding at Villa Kalyana 

Villa Kalyana

Kalyana Villa Sannui

Villa Kalyana, Koh Samui

Koh Samui wedding package prices

The first question of course is price. These are a few guidelines on prices for a Samui wedding. Don’t take these as verbatim, just an overall idea. The prices illustrated are an average, non top end wedding. The prices do not include dinner/reception costs etc and you always need to add 17% for tax and service.

Please check the exchange rates on XE.com

A typical beach wedding

Bride and groom only – THB 20,000 to THB 180,000 toward the very high end. THB 40-50,000 seems pretty standard.

Up to 50 guests – THB 75,000 to THB 350,000

Traditional Thai wedding

Bride and groom only – THB 40.000 to THB 120,000.

Up to 50 guests – THB 80,000 to THB 350,000

Wedding on Koh Samui

What do wedding packages include?

The prices may or may not include th4 following but all these need to be considered. Creating your own bespoke wedding package can be exciting. Choose a villa or a collection that has experience, then start collating the expertise to help.

  • Accommodation: One or more nights for the bride and groom and the wedding party.
  • Transportation: car hire, taxis, buses, flights etc.
  • Ceremony: An authorized wedding “celebrant” and consultation (and/or Thai ceremony equivalent)
  • Food: wedding cake and snacks
  • Flowers: groom’s buttonhole, bride’s bouquet. Plenty of beautiful fauna on Samui
  • Hair and makeup for the bride, local or DIY
  • Photography. Always make sure of the copyright rules and ownership and delivery of photos
  • Venue: use of venue, set-up and decoration
  • Extras: spa treatments for example, golf day for the grooms stag perhaps

Koh Samui Wedding

Koh Samui Weddings fire display