Guest bookings

Booking a unique retreats villa or chalet

There is no doubt that the world has changed and instant gratification is part of many people’s lives. There are some things that often need more consideration, questions and reassurance however.

Unique & Individual

Just like you every single Unique Retreat villa is individual and therefore can only be shown and reported on by those who have previously enjoyed the rarefied atmosphere of these unique homes.

The selection and decision making is akin to buying a Rolls Royce with all the trimmings online. We understand photos and videos can attract and draw people to want such a holiday experience, but there are often so many more questions before you book a holiday. On many occasions photography and media cannot do a villa justice and cannot convey levels of service or the ambiance and welcome you may expect.

We are the founders of an inspiring sustainable tourism certification that sets a reputation standard for excellence, differentiates the certified villa brands, and connects them with conscious travelers through a network of specialist agencies, PR exposure and direct booking strategies.

For this reason we ensure that all our guests can speak directly to our collections owners and managers. We do make instant online booking available should you wish to beat the competition to the holiday destination of your dreams of course. The choice is up to you and we always encourage communication to ensure needs are met.

Best Price, Service and Knowledge

One of the major advantages of dealing direct is that the local teams know everything there is to know. The answers are not read off a screen by a call center person 5000 miles away. If you want to know what the chef’s signature dish is, they will know.

The second major advantage is price. Rather than be drawn into large brand booking systems, dealing direct ensures no extra fees and prices are not raised to cover the these travel agents commissions.

Its a win-win situation at all levels and we ensure that all payment routes are secure. In addition Unique Retreats villas are inspected and service checked regularly to ensure your expectations are met and all elements are knitted together to give that seamless enjoyment without the stresses life can impose with uncertainty.

All bookings are secured using internationally recognized payment systems and call major cards are accepted.