Luxury Villa Owners / Operators FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions From Luxury Villa Bands

As an experienced quality brand in the rental market we do see a lot of interest from owners and managers who have many questions. A few of the most popular are shown below

I have been running my own business for some years and am looking for extra marketing, can you help?

Yes, but we need to understand the current setup and marketing reach.

I already use a booking management software, can I still apply to be on Unique Retreats?

Yes, provided your property and business model meet our standards we can look at the system you use. We already link to many property management systems to enable sharing of information.

If I want my property to be featured on other sites such as HomeAway, etc, is this possible?

Yes we can assist with this as part of our marketing services and the distribution network we work with, but we strongly advise to also engage on a rich and preferentially direct marketing mix.

Do your work on a subscription or commission model?

We have both models depending on the services we provide. A simple subscription fee where your direct contact details are featured in the property page; a commission based if you prefer us to handle Guests bookings from our platform; and a mix between subscription and commission if we are to distribute your property and handle your marketing. The choice is yours and you can swap at any time.