Villas in Thailand come in many shapes and sizes, but the “Unique Retreats” collection is all luxury without exception. There are however many different styles of villa, location and size. With design elements and details that reflect the country’s culture and traditional beliefs many villas represent Thailand’s rich cultural legacy and superstitions. There are many rituals and processes (such as a blessing, or careful assessment of the flora and fauna) that need to take place when constructing a Thai home. Thai’s believe that the home  is a primary defense against supernatural beings, such as ghosts and evil spirits. The traditional Thai home is therefore specifically designed to ward off these dangers and protect against nature’s elements at the same time.

The conceptual and cultural Thai building practices have combined the traditional elements with modern architecture advances, with large windows for air circulation, but air conditioning when needed!

Old Meets New Thailand Villas

One noticeable element of Thai homes is the elevation of the villas on stilts. Again, despite its aesthetic elements, the reasons is actually based on a number of things:

  1. Superstitious and religious beliefs which prevents creatures of the night entering!
  2. Many areas of Thailand are prone to flooding
  3. Some high elevations allow areas of shade for livestock

Many people notice “Salas” which is an open pavilion used as a place for people to gather, and to protect them from the sun and rain when lounging outdoors. Wedding parties find these very useful to gather.