Whether you are warm weather, lay back and soak up the sun or a get and up and go surfing dude, the beaches of the world attract millions of people each year.

Recent surveys have shown over 65% of people want to live next to the coast and 15%+ a lake or river. Its no wonder then that beach holidays are so important and popular. Not everybody wants a roasting hot day for a beach holiday either. Some people may well want to beach comb or watch storm waves crashing in on vast expanses of the Pacific NW coastline. Others may wish a gentle paddle in temperate waters and some windswept and breezy Kenyan coastline for kite or windsurfing.

Others may however just want to lie in white sands and bake the day away, sipping cooling “breezers” delivered regularly by thoughtful hospitality staff.

Alternatively some of our clients arrive on yachts and cruisers, other rent them for a day or more for coastal trips and others for deep sea and game fishing or scuba diving. Its easy to see why beach or water based holidays are so popular. Don’t just dream it, do it!

Uniqueretreats is building a select portfolio of beach front and coastline properties, lake holidays where small beaches provide entry to the often colder waters, but all offer something special in location.

Below is an image of Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui as an example.  Recognised as one of the most desirable and idyllic destinations. Safe beaches with white sands and clear, blue seas.

Villa Mia Chaweng Beach