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A new chapter in luxury villa hospitality

With over 20 years in operations and distribution of Luxury Rental Brands in Asia and Europe, Unique Retreats has delivered high value service and experience to owners and their guests. That experience was at the forefront of innovation, know-how, excellence and the traditions of luxury hospitality.

We are currently in the process of launching a new chapter in our history using our four pillars to provide management services and extended villa brand development based on Ethical & Sustainable Tourism practices.

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Marc Ribail

Our vision is for luxury rental stakeholders to co-lead the industry towards increased sustainability practices, awareness, and meaningful contributions to communities.

We are the founders of a sustainable tourism standard. We provide coaching services to luxury rental professionals that sets a reputation for excellence, differentiate the proactive luxury rental brands, and connects them with conscious travelers through a network of specialist agencies, PR exposure and direct booking strategies.


Since our inception in 2013, Unique Retreats has been providing brand management and sales & marketing services to luxury vacation rentals in Thailand and Europe.

In 2023, a new chapter in our pursuit of excellence is reconnecting us with the management and hospitality roots that made our team a regional leader. Our value proposition and luxury hospitality expertise will help establish discerning villa brands as forward-thinking stakeholders in today’s challenging environment.